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Monday, September 26, 2011

Catching Up...

First, thanks to everyone for your kind words, support, and Facebook 'likes' on the new venture. Your support has made stepping out of my photography closet much easier.  Now, this blog can truly focus on documenting life with my kids (with photos of course).

In trying to keep up with two blogs... I realized I had failed to post some pictures of the kids on this blog, so I'm playing a little catch up.

Oh, I also want to note (for when they are twenty)... that their Mom fixed pork tenderloin with raspberry chipolte sauce, potatoes au gratin, caesar pasta salad, and mozzarella garlic bread for dinner the other night and that meal was called "yucky."  Fortunately, their Dad thought otherwise and scarfed most of it down.  Someday, they will be in college eating Ramen Noodles and wishing for Mom's cooking... I hope....
DSC_8230  DSC_8235 


  1. I love these. Too cute. Kids do not know good food. Man, if they only knew...

  2. Oh those HATS!!!! Too adorable!!!! And that dinner- sounds delightful to me. We try to do a tenderloin at least every couple weeks. My kids can't get enough.

  3. Your kids and those eyelashes! Lovely shots.


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