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Friday, September 9, 2011

Rapunzel... Don't Cut Your Hair!!!

While on vacation, my sister-in-law gave the girls their 1st official haircuts.  When they were little I would trim their bangs, but now their hair is all one length and MEGA LONG!!!  So, is it short now????

Not a chance...  I have a couple inches at most tucked away in remembrance bags, but they are now free of the broken ends.  It's funny because when I told them they were going to get their hair cut they were SUPER excited and asked about it daily prior to the vacation.  But when the time came, they both got very quiet and unsure of the process.

My sister-in-law is a highly sought after stylist and it was a privilege for me to have her give her nieces their 1st haircut.  Thanks Kerri!!  Love you girl!!  I'm not sure she will ever want to give them haircuts again though.  She had Me (Mom), Grandma, and Great Grandma... hovering over her cringing with every snip.  No pressure. HA!!

The next day, Kerri french braided their hair and I put flower bows in the braid... it was their "Rapunzel" hairstyle.
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