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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Aaaaawwwww, husband is upstairs watching football, the kids are in bed and I am enjoying a moment of quiet.

Now that school has started and I've taken on the project of redecorating our living room, I've been busier than usual and really really extra tired lately.  As I've mentioned in earlier posts I have Hashimoto Disease and can have off days, but I've really had some rough days recently.  I had an appointment to check my thyroid levels last week and all was good, so I've just been trying to get some extra rest.  Jerry has been feeling extra tired lately as well, so maybe it's something in the water?

As mentioned, I'm redecorating the living room and have been stressed beyond words.  My Mom & brother got all the decorating talent really and they enjoy it.  Me... I can kinda pull a room together but I don't enjoy it... furniture isn't returnable... so this has me totally stressed out.  I finally committed to my 1st purchase and bought a dark leather studded sectional...  It's huge but is the best seating option for a family of six with grandparents and friends over all the time.  Now, I have to start decorating around it YUCK.  I much rather take pictures!!

Ok, I said pictures so it's time to share.

In a previous post I told you Kaylee saw a jellyfish on the beach and picked it up.  It didn't sting her but FREAKED her out.  Seeing her freak out in turn FREAKED Cody out.  He was afraid of everything for a while after that.  I love this picture of Cody with my Mom.  1st, he's showing off a little crack which I think is adorable, but he was afraid of the seaweed, so my Mom was showing him the seaweed doesn't hurt.  She put a "baby" seaweed on her leg.  You can see in his face he still isn't convinced.



  1. Ok - LOL at the first picture. The 2nd one looks like a postcard!

  2. Well- I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling the way you are- with all you have going on- I'm sure that isn't helping. I LOVE decorating & so wish I were closer to help you with it. Sounds like fun! Although we would probably get side tracked with taking pics :) and get nothing else accomplished. Love the photos- that added texture just adds so much. I really must play around with that more.

    Hope all else is well & that you all have a great week! Hugs!

  3. From their rooms it looks like you do a great job decorating. Can't wait to see what your living room looks like. I love these photos. Beautiful.


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