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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Got Homework?

Got Homework? We do!!!

Today we completed a homework assignment for the triplets.  Of course, we also did one for Cody so he didn't feel left out (made a photo copy for him).  The assignment entailed decorating a silhouette (looked like a gingerbread man) to represent you.  We could use all kinds of craft materials and the goal was to focus on self awareness.  After a trip to Walmart for a few supplies we headed over to my parents house to complete the task.  My Mom is queen of all things crafty and has supplies galore.

I have to say I am overwhelmingly proud of my kids.  The imaginations never cease to amaze me.  We used photos for their faces, yarn for hair, and cut clothes out of construction paper.  Each child got to pick the color of their clothes and cut them out and paste them on.  Then they got to decorate their pictures.  The girls added buttons, ribbons, and gems while the boys (Jadon to be more specific) added buttons and a belt.  Jadon had some flag stickers so he put them on the page and drew lines to his hands (they were the sticks to hold the flags).  The girls had flower stickers and put them in their hands.  They used gems for earrings (although their ears are not pierced) and Addison put a sticker hat on her picture.  They are amazing!!!

Overall, the task was FUN but hectic.  Most mothers got to do this project one-on-one with their munchkin.   Doing a task like this with four is messy, loud, and crazy busy... but with my Mom's help... we got it done in Rock Star Fashion!!!

So proud of you kiddos!!!...  Ok, I broke down and took pictures of their projects... this blog is their diary after all.

DSC_8290 Kaylee DSC_8287 Addison

DSC_8289 Jadon DSC_8288 Cody


  1. Those are SO CUTE! Yay for them!!! I bet they have the cutest & best shot photos of all the class!!


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