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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun

Vacation Friday, I woke to another beautiful sunrise, so this time we woke Kaylee for a "photo shoot" on the beach.  She is usually my little model, but for some reason was uncooperative this morning.  I did get the beautiful photo of her in front of the sun posted a few days ago.  We finished up, cleaned up and headed over to the Rainforest Cafe.... AWESOME restaurant for kids!!  It has automated animals throughout, elephants, jaguars, gorillas, butterflies, etc.  Every 30 minutes the Rainforest has a thunderstorm...  very fun.  We ate there a few months ago and had just as much fun the 2nd time around.

After naps, we once again hit the beach.  Now Cody...  he wasn't a huge fan of the big surf so he found another way to stay occupied.  He decided to empty the ocean.  Literally, his entire time on the beach was spent filling his purple bucket carrying the water back up the beach and pouring it out.  It was even better if he could pour the water on someone, but he did this for hours everyday.  He didn't want to do it alone however, so he held someones hand on the treks back and forth...  Despite all his efforts....  I don't think he made much dent in the ocean.  One evening a couple on horseback rode by, Cody was in awe at least until one of the riders approached him, then he backed off pretty quickly.  He just wanted to admire them from a distance I suppose.

This was David & Kerri's last evening with us, so I pulled out the tripod to get a family photo, but soon realized I failed to bring the bracket to mount the camera on the tripod, so we used bungee cord to tie it on.  Non-the-less we got a picture....

Post Vacation Saturday, back to usual.  Nothing too exciting to report.


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  1. that last shot is simply stunning. What processing did you use for these? I love the mood evoked.


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