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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Vacation Tuesday...  we loaded up the kids and dropped the dogs at the kennel and pointed toward the beach in POURING down rain.  I mean BLACK skies....  The drive was easy and we were at the beach house (rental) at 2:30ish.  The swelling water was unreal given the storm and awesome to watch.  We drove around for about 30 more minutes waiting for my parents to arrive with the house key.  The house was AWESOME with 4 bedrooms and a huge game room which is were we slept the babies on their cots (THANKS MOM for the awesome cots).  After settling in and having dinner, it was dark but the rain had stopped so we let the kids go down on the beach expecting to just let them run around, but we soon realized keeping them out of the water was NOT going to happen.  The excitement was awe inspiring as we listened to their squeals of joy!!  We had the whole week ahead of us!!!  If you like the beach or don't like the beach, you've gotta love babies on a beach....

Post Vacation Tuesday...  Given I'm blogging a week in the past, thought I'd add the present in as well....  We loaded up and headed home yesterday.....  soooo sad it's over....  but not nearly as sad as Cody.  As soon as we rolled into the neighborhood, he understood we were going home and proceeded to MELT DOWN.   We took him in the house and for 40 minutes (an eternity in baby crying time) he cried, screamed, rolled on the floor....  saying over and over "I don't want to go home..."  He is only 2 years old, but he understood the vacation was over.... 

Some of these photos were taken literally when it was dark outside and were very noisy....  I cleaned them up the best I could, but I'm not a stong low light photographer (yet...) and didn't have a tripod set up.

I have to give my Dad props for this photo!!!
The race is on... Addison isn't always the fastest runner, but she is the most determined
I think this little man could have boogie boarded all day....
I wrote all the kids names in the sand, had them sit down and took their pictures by their names. Jerry wrote this and had me sit down... GOOBER... Ha!! Ha!!! I love him anyway!!!!
Look at that belly!!! Wow, he love this vacation!!!!
One happy Mommy with her arms full of LOVE

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