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Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday... fish, seals, & sharks... oh my

Vacation Thursday started with my drooling over the early morning sunrise.  It was beautiful so we woke Addison to let me get some pictures.  We decided to take a little break from the beach and headed off to a local aquarium where the kids enjoyed fish, seals, penguins, and all assortments of sea life.  We then went to a 3D movie on  the African Safari which was VERY COOL.  We were a little worried if the kids would keep the glasses on, sit still for 45 minutes, be quiet, etc....  They LOVED it and were soooo well behaved.  Even Cody watched intently until he just couldn't hang anymore and fell asleep.  After that,  To the Beach!!!!  My brother cooked dinner which was GOURMET to say the least!!!

A bit more on the beach.  I thought the kids would spend the whole time in the shallows and making sand castles, but NOOOOO....  my kids are dare devils!!!!  They wanted to go out and jump waves and they did it ALL DAY LONG (with parental supervision of course).  Well, all except Cody... he had other plans which I'll share in the next post.

Post Vacation Thursday.... SCHOOL!!!!!  Woo hoo.  I woke and started getting ready for the day when the power went out.... so I got ready with a flashlight, made breakfast with a flashlight, and explained to the kids that the TV didn't work while they cried to play with the flashlight.  Power was out 45 minutes I guess, then the TV volume went out (since been fixed).   Oh, thought it was going to be a bad day, but was ok....  I was baby free for 4 whole hours!!!


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