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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Whole Story

Kaylee is feeling better so I thought I'd take a minute and elaborate on last weeks illness given it was VERY SCARY....  Thursday night about 30 minutes before bedtime she just didn't look like she felt well and was squinting her eyes.  She said her eyes were hurting.  I thought she was either very tired given she hadn't napped well or had something in her eye or scratched her eye...  we put her to bed and she was asleep instantly, but woke at 12:30 screaming that her eyes hurt.  We gave her some Tylenol and I laid with her a few minutes until she settled down and fell back asleep.  She slept the remainder of the night and I woke her at 7:00 expecting her to be fine.  Not the case.  Upon waking she immediately began complaining her eyes hurt and she was running a slight fever 100.4.  I gave her Tylenol and soon after that she began screaming with pain and saying her forehead hurt.  My parents came over and then Kaylee began vomiting.  I called the ped and they said bring her in so we loaded her up and headed out.  At this point she seemed to rebound a bit (typical, kids act fine once you go to the ped).  Well, not long after our arrival she started to go downhill again.  She was tested for strep, normal.  She still had an ear infection although she just finished antibiotics so we were given a new antibiotic and sent to check out.  At checkout she began crying again and vomited (yes, there at the checkout)....  Screaming in pain, we carried her back to the exam room.  Once again, the doctor assessed her and gave us another prescription for nausea.  She was screaming she wanted to go home and even started lying "I feel better" trying to get me to take her home.  This is a child that LOVES going to the doctor.  We were left alone for a while and she fell asleep in my arms so we went home.  At home she continued to vomit until we got the nausea meds in her.  She slept and was VERY lethargic all day (almost limp), when we put her to bed she slept through the night and woke w/o fever the next day.  She has only gotten better since, but it was a scary day given I've never had a child scream in pain like this!!

This picture was actually taken the weekend before she got sick...

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