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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday... David and Family Arrive

Vacation Wednesday...  we woke to a BEAUTIFUL day.... the sun was coming up so I headed down to the beach and started taking pictures.  Before I was finished I saw Jerry on the deck with Kaylee and decided it was time to go in.  After breakfast we headed down to the beach.  Around 10:30, my brother David and his family arrived.  The entire day was spent with everyone on the beach.  Mom, Dad, GG, David, Kerri, Lane, and us....

Post Vacation Wednesday...  OMG...  I don't know why but I couldn't get to sleep Tuesday night to save my life....  it was after 1:00 before I fell asleep and was back up at 6:00 am..... exhaustion overload.  I took the triplets to their swim lesson and then we all drove around and I let them watch a movie, "Toy Story" in the car.  It was the only way I could get a reprieve...  My mom and I chatted away.  When Jerry got home we went out to dinner then played a couple mean rounds of Candy Land with the kids.  Everyone TO BED!!!


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