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Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Steps for Mommy



Just this last week I started letting the kids play in the backyard w/o direct supervision. Don't get me wrong, they are still supervised, but I am watching from inside the house and the back door is cracked so I can hear everything clearly. It is soooo nice after naps to let them go out back and play a little while so I can continue to try and get things done inside. They are still adjusting to not having me out there with them. I get a lot of "Mooommmmmmyyyyy, come outside and push me on the swing," but they are learning sometimes they have to play solo  (Solo?  Ha, there are 4 of them out there after all).

It's hard for me to imagine a day will come when I won't have to watch them every single minute of every single day. But, I'm so glad that day isn't tomorrow and we will get there taking baby steps.


  1. What a cute blog title you have! I popped over to have a look and my goodness did I get a lovely surprise! What a gorgeous family you have. I can't quite believe how sane you sound in your posts! As a Mum of four (born within 3;8 years including B/G twins) I thought I had a tough gig, but you have reminded me how lucky I am and how much crazier life can be. I look forward to reading more :)

  2. I love that you added words to the photo to direct our perspectives.... wonderful angle too!

  3. Love the picture! You have a very handsome little boy!

  4. i love the soft feel of this photo. great processing!

  5. That is a great shot! I love the perspective it was shot from.


  6. Beautiful shot! Love the angle.

    Erika B


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