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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs

I had a bridal shower to attend this past weekend in the downtown area (not close to home), so we decided to turn the event into a weekend getaway for the family.  We got up at 6:30 Saturday morning and got everyone dressed and the car packed so we could be at the Zoo (also downtown) when it opened at 9:00.  The zoo was having a dinosaur exhibit which was AWESOME to say the least and the kids favorite part of the zoo.  You essentially walked through the land of the dinosaurs and huge automated dinosaurs (even the eyes moved) would roar rumble and some even snorted water as you walked by.  VERY COOL!!  The kids checked out the animals, but were honestly as impressed with a nearby squirrel as they were the elephants.  We've been to the zoo several times now and it's always fun.  Well, as fun as any outing for 4 little ones can be...  we had lots of whining, fighting, and misbehaving which during lunch made us question our decision to take them to the zoo, but overall it was GREAT... they whine, fight, and misbehave at home too.

We then went and picked up the gift for the shower and checked into a hotel where I got ready.  The family dropped me at the shower and Jerry took the kids back to the hotel to swim in the indoor pool, but I understand it was VERY COLD and they didn't stay too long.  I give Jerry props for taking care of them in a hotel by himself.  He is an AWESOME Daddy!!!

The next morning we returned home, napped the kids, then took them to our Annual Church Festival which topped off our weekend perfectly. 

OK, here are some "funnies"...

Me:  "Girls, don't run that brush on the carpet.  You are going to snag the carpet and make a whole."
Addison:  "Oh, then we might fall in?"

I picked Jadon up from school today.
Jadon:  "Look Mom, I made this for you.  It's a picture of a bo bo."

Here are some pics from the zoo.  The quality is a little lacking, but wanted them posted for the kids diary.


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