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Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Ramblings

Ahhhh, it's early. Cody woke up an hour before I had to get up with fever and crying so I gave him some meds, a drink, and put him back down. But at this point I see no reason going back to bed.

The other night Kaylee started talking about Heaven and crying uncontrollably that she didn't want me to go to Heaven and she didn't want to get a new Mommy.  I have to say it kinda shook me up a bit and since then she hasn't stopped talking about Heaven.  She doesn't want to go to Heaven because she doesn't want to miss Halloween and Christmas.  We've always been open about Heaven and when you go you don't come back, but everyone will be in Heaven someday.  Not sure why all of a sudden, this fear of Heaven.

Last night (around 8:30) we were strapping a dresser to match the boys new beds to the top of our car at a local furniture store (not fun & scary).  I was talking to the kids about when a boy and girl fall in love they get married and have babies.  Kaylee said she wanted to be a girl doctor then Jadon chimed in that he wanted to be a boy doctor, then Addison spoke up...  I want to be a princess.  I told her I saw no reason why she couldn't be a princess and she was already a princess in my eyes.

Jadon the other day said, "I feel sick.... my heart isn't sparkling."  Such a sweet little man.


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