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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Monday... not sooo Happy


photo challenge

Okay... thought I'd muster the energy for the illness run down...here goes....

Thursday morning Cody woke with fever and a very sore throat so he stayed home from school and I took him to the clinic because we had a party planned Saturday and I just didn't want to try waiting in out as I typically do.  He was tested for Strep, but the test was negative.  Because all his symptoms looked like strep, they went ahead and put him on antibiotics.  24 Hours later he was better... was it a 24 hour bug or the drugs???

Friday afternoon, Addison develops fever and a sore throat...  hmmmm does she need drugs?  Well, the party is already a bust at this point so we decided to wait this out a bit.  That night her fever is high and I'm up sponging her off and giving her meds.

Saturday morning, Kaylee develops the same symptoms, but the girls are now doing ok but by the evening Jadon is sick....  Saturday night the fevers aren't too bad, but I continue to give them meds. 

Sunday, Addison is doing much better and the others are doing ok.... ahhhh, just has to run it's course.  That night Addison & Kaylee are pretty much fever free, but Kaylee's sore throat has her up screaming during the night...  We did not set an alarm to deliver meds and just waited to see how the fevers went and all went good with regard to fever but the screaming fits kept us up.

Monday, Cody is fine, Addison is eating and doing well, Jadon's throat hurts but he is ok, Kaylee is BAD....  I took her to the clinic that afternoon and on a scale of 1 to 10, her throat is at a 10....  She tested negative for strep, but once again they wanted to get her on an antibiotic.  We were advised to bring in Addison and Jadon, so we took them in for a 7:30 everning appointment and we walked out with another prescription.

Tuesday, everyone is good except Kaylee....  she threw up 3 times this morning and she literally won't talk because her mouth hurts soooo bad.... 

It's strange how children handle illness differently.  Addison & Jadon are healing on their own but are getting a precautionary antibiotic, Cody is fine, and Kaylee is SICK.... 

Hopefully, she turns the corner tomorrow and I can get a full night sleep tonight.  I was soooo tempted last night to bring her into our bed, but the kids know (sick or healthy) they are expected to sleep in their beds and I soooo don't want to upset the system.

I think I got all the details right... if not, it's close enough and you get the idea.....  Blessings to all!!

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