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Wednesday, October 20, 2010



I thought it might be a good idea to make my photos on Flickr private. I like keeping access to my life limited to the blog. Well, not such a good idea.... I changed the privacy on all my photos and it deleted the link between my Flickr photos and my blog. YES, YEP, You Got It!!!! No warning message, no "hey are you sure you want to do that", No, "this will hose your blog warning." So, I have spent the past who knows how many hours replacing 227 photos in my blog with the new Flickr link. FUN!!! NOT!!!!!! Fortunately, I only started using Flickr back in April so this was recoverable.... WHEW!!

If you run across a photo in my blog that says, "Photo No Longer Available...FLICKR." Please let me know so I can remedy the problem.

My photos on other sites have also been lost (ie; photo challenges), but that is beyond my control... No more tears can be shed, so I just move forward.... sigh.

Side Note: If you look in Cody's eyes in the shot above, you can see me in the reflection taking the photo... kinda cool I thought.


  1. You don't have to make all of your photos public though - when you upload them, you can choose to make them public or private...and also change the restrictions. :)

  2. I have my settings set to private on flickr and still post them from flickr to my blog...I'm not sure why yours would have been deleted. Very strange. So sorry. That is so frustrating.


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