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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dancing and Diving

Just a couple things to report on the home front.

1st, the girls started dance classes this week.  They are in the Princess Series which entails beginning ballet and tap.  They start off in their dance clothes (pink tights, pink leotard, pink skirt, and hair bun with pink bow).  After learning some basic steps and their "daily routine" they change into princess dresses and perform their routines.  Today was Sleeping Beauty and each time the get to dress like a different princess and dance to the disney princess songs.  ADORABLE... what little girl wouldn't just love this.  I tried to get photos, but failed miserably so I will try again next time and will share more about the dancing.

2nd,  the triplets have been official swimmers for at least a month now.  They can swim all over the pool and dive to the bottom of the deep end (7 feet).  They really are awesome.  While I'd NEVER leave them unattended and we have three locks and a door alarm to access the pool, they are now considered "pool safe."  Well, earlier this week Cody asked to swim w/o floaties.  Great!!!  We need to start teaching him I thought...  well, what can I say, but the kid is a fast learner.  He can't go the distance that the triplets can, but he can swim, come up for air and get to safety.  I am hoping before the summer is out to call him a swimmer.

Regarding the photos... Cody stripped off all his clothes during a temper tantrum and hid under a sheet.  After some teasing I was able to elicit some smiles.



  1. Okay- the story behind the pictures cracks me up! But I have to say- YAY on the swimming. That is impressive for their ages. I know when my kids all started feeling comfortable in the water- it was such a relief for me. I am still cautious as the youngest (nearly 8 yrs old) is still freaked by the water & still can't swim well. But I have always hated the water- so she may get that from me. I just keep reminding myself that my middle one was still in floaties at the same age & this one will get past it. I suppose if we had a pool in the back they would have far more practice. Like most things- kids do everything on their own time- when they are comfortable.

    I can't wait to see the photos of the girls dance classes. How adorable that must be.

  2. These pictures of Cody are a hoot. That kid cracks me up!

  3. Very exciting that they are officially swimmers! Your pool looks amazing! It looks like the perfect retreat!

  4. Ohhh! I LOVE the white bedding around your little guy! It looks beautiful! I always love when people photography on white, but I always forget to try it out. Thanks for the reminder! :-) What a CUTIE!!! :-)


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