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Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally... Birthday Post (Part 2)

Sorry, this is taking so long but we are dealing with strep throat, Vacation Bible School and some other issues....


After lunch it was time to serve the cake and the kids were HILARIOUS... as the cake came out and we sang happy birthday I looked around at all the little faces and they had a look of shear awe about them. It was literally...."oooohhhh,,,, here comes the caaaakkkkeeeee."

Cody of course sang to himself, but he knew we were also going to celebrate Blake's birthday the next day so he finished the song, "Appy Birfday Cody... and Blake n Brandon... Appy Birfday to u."  Clearly he was confused given he also included Blake's brother Brandon.  (hhhmmmm who knows maybe he thinks their twins as well????)

Once the candles were blown out, the kids quickly removed the candies from the cake and scarfed them down and the cake was served.
DSC_6874  DSC_6872 

My little Kaylee girl

And of course Cody's girlfriend... what a CUTIE!!!

Oh, I swear I could photograph Alexa all day long!!  She looks soooo pretty enjoying her ice cream.
DSC_6884  DSC_6817 

"Really Mom?  I need a spoon why"?
DSC_6851  DSC_6862

Ahhh, even at four... no spoon required

The swimming continued until late into the evening and I was happy to send parent's home with worn out children that fell asleep quickly at bedtime.
DSC_6812  DSC_6927 

I may have also sent home some very tired Daddy's and PawPaw's... Here is my Dad playing with Kaylee and Zachary. He is a GREAT GREAT GREAT PawPaw!!!!!!

Blake and Brandon's Dad also did his part in keeping the kids entertained.

Ahhh, water chaos, but everyone is happy!!!

And... Just looking BEAUTIFUL... if you haven't met her yet... my Mom!!! LOVE YOU MOM!!!

It was about 8:00 in the evening after all our friends had gone home that we started opening gifts and we did it at warp speed given it was late. Cody cashed in on everything Buzz, but...

The HIGHLIGHT of the gifts was his new Buzz Lightyear costume which my parents gave him.

He wore it all weekend and rode his new scooter all over the house yelling, "To imfiminy n beyonnnn."

Happy birthday my little BUZZ... may your life be full of joy and happiness to infinity and beyond. I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. these are such great shots! You are so good at lifestyle photography! I think the shot of Alexa with ice cream on her lips is my favorite!

  2. Looks like a great party. Love the buzz lightyear costume. My son would love something like that too.

  3. That looks like some serious fun & WOW- your mom is GORGEOUS!!


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