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Friday, July 8, 2011

Imagination Station

Yesterday, when I got Jadon and Addison up from naps (aka quiet time)...  I found them playing Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.  They had built an elaborate structure (primarily using pillows and books) with doors and hidden rooms and had the fairies locked inside.  The photo doesn't do it justice....  the imagination!!  Kaylee chose to sleep in the play room after getting pushed by Addison, so she missed out on the play.  Ah, never a dull moment.

On another note, the other evening we had the kids at restaurant with an indoor play structure and I heard another child say, "Hey, there are twins in here.  They have on the same clothes."  Kaylee then responded, "We aren't twins.  We're triplets."  I was shocked because I didn't really think they knew they were triplets even though we talk about it from time to time.



  1. Oh wow! How amazing that they have such a great imagination.

  2. Gotta love imagination play - that was always my favorite. I hardly remember specific toys but I loved moments like this.

  3. beautiful! great focus and light!


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