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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let it Rain

We have had a drought here for sooo long we have trees dying everywhere. While we totally were wanting rain, we thought it was going to hit right in the middle of Cody's birthday by the pool which wasn't what we wanted. But, we were lucky and the rain waited until another day and I grabbed the camera.

Addison thought it was soooooo cool to go out in the rain, get her dress wet, and hold an umbrella all by herself. She was very cooperative.... SHOCKING.

This week was Vacation Bible School. I didn't know when I signed Cody up he was suppose to have turned 3 by June 1st to attend, but I did know he had to be potty trained. On July 18th, the day of his 3rd birthday he went to VBS totally potty trained (we didn't tell them it was his birthday since he wasn't officially suppose to be there).

On Wednesday, I kept Addison home with Strep throat and on Friday I kept Jadon home with the same. Fortunately, 24 hours of antibiotic and they are better and free to socialize once again.

DSC_7107a  DSC_7122 


  1. Rain is a necessity but no one wants it during a party. Love these shots of Addison.

  2. I love these- we don't even own an umbrella. We only get about 3 inches of rain per year- so I will have to admire your shots with the umbrella instead. :)


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