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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Baby is Three... (Part One)

Ok, it's now official... Cody is Three.

We celebrated his birthday on Friday with a Toy Story theme since one of the 1st things he learned to say was, "To infinity and beyond."  He is in LOVE with Buzz Lightyear.  So, Thursday night after the kids went to bed, I made the cake.  Fortunately, it was one of the easiest cakes I've made thus far.

We've had:
Winnie the Pooh (before I started blogging)
The Zoo (Triplet's 2nd)
Mickey Mouse Toodles (Cody's 1st)
Beauty and the Beast (Triplet's 3rd)
Noah's Ark (Cody's 2nd and maybe my favorite cake)
Wizard of Oz (Triplet's 4th)


Grandma Barb from Oklahoma flew in to help celebrate and we started with a pool "get together" about 3:00.  We didn't have an "official party" but invited over our neighbors from both our old house and new house.  GG (great Grandma) was also in attendance.
DSC_7018  DSC_6948 

We thought the weather was going to be a problem, but it turned out to be perfect. The clouds kept it cool and the kids had a blast. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs in an effort to keep it simple and appeal to all taste buds.

Cody sat with his little "girlfriend" Gabriella...

The older kiddos sat at the "big kid table"

Our oldest attendee was Alexa... isn't she just beautiful. She's a whopping 8 years old now. Her brother Zachary is enjoying the juice box.
DSC_6777   DSC_6774 

Addison is sporting the blood shot swimmers eyes

And... my birthday boy is LOVING it all!!!

We may have to move before the kids hit puberty... Our neighbor Brandon seems to have a way with the girls...

And here is his handsome brother Blake. (Hope I got this right... they aren't twins, but you could fool me)!!

Ok... this post is getting long... I have a TON more pictures... and I need to go make dinner.... sooooo more later!!



  1. Such a great party - you had me cracking up...That Brandon is definitely a ladies man...and your oldest attendee really is beautiful.

  2. How fun. I wish we were your neighbors. Great cake. Going to check the rest out.

  3. Love the cake! I have the patience to sew but when it comes to cake making - no patience. Looks like a fun party.


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