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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 Year Olds in a Dressing Room... Really?


The girls have reached the age that I can no longer go to a store, pick out pretty dresses and bring them home and dress them.  When they were babies I had them in cute dresses all the time, but now they play and they need play clothes.  When they were babies I generally bought one size smaller and it fit ok...  things didn't have to fit perfect for sitting, crawling, and toddling...  now the clothes have to fit.

So, Sunday after Church my Mom and I took the girls clothes shopping.  We thought it would be fun girl time, but it was not so easy.  Once again, the adrenaline induced sillies took over the girls... WOW, no boys!!!  Wow, we get to walk freely!!!  Wow, look I'm touching clothes!!!  WOW, WOW, WOW...
I often see shy little kids who quietly hang on to their mother's afraid to leave their side (THAT WAS TOTALLY ME AS A CHILD) but no, not my kids... my kids are outgoing, unafraid, adventurous, and precocious.  I think they all got Jerry's personality (Jadon is most like me, but still pretty outgoing).  People love them cause they are so friendly and outgoing, but it makes them very active and busy when we are out and about.

I think we spent a solid 2 hours in the dressing room trying on clothes and swapping out sizes.  The girls are tall and skinny which makes them very hard to dress.  We ended up leaving with clothes ranging from 18 months (seriously) to 5T and every size in between.

The trip was a success and I think the girls had a good time overall...  but how many more years do I have to do this????  I'm not a clothing diva... I hate shopping for clothes... but I do want to girls to look adorable so I will have to endure for many years to come.  Hopefully, it will get easier... Addison might find she has a volume other than "loud" and "louder" and Kaylee won't have to compete to do everything 1st.  They might realize that the floor is dirty and not a place to lay down.  Perhaps they will learn that we need to purchase items before pulling off the tags....  Maybe?



  1. Yep! They start so young don't they :) Beautiful shots! Yellow looks great on her.

  2. Sounds like my shopping experiences. Except I do love to shop.

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. Okay - I absolutely love the last shot. Gorgeous light.

  4. Your a real trooper mom!
    I do my kiddo's shopping online, I haven't had to go there yet...I am supposing it will come though! Cute snapshots!

  5. Oh my! These might be some of my new faves from you! (Of course that will probably change with your next post - LOL!) The light in her eyes in the first picture; just stunning. And the last one would be hanging on a giant canvas on my wall. Amazing, and I mean AMAZING shots! ♥


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