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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come On... Make My Day

When I look at this first picture of Cody, all I can think is "Oh yea, I'm bad... make my day."  Cracks me up!!!  I also find myself thinking about Nascar?  I don't know, but I like it!!

A little about skills (I'll keep this short because I am w/o husband tonight due to a work dinner):

Addison: Can write her name and ride a bike
Kaylee: Awesome social skills... understands verbal humor, sarcasm and when to use it
Jadon:  Can read really well and is now doing addition
Cody: Learning to use a potty and put on his own shoes and socks (and boots)
DSC_3390  DSC_3432 


  1. Ok, I love it! Everything about this, the moto cross shirt, spidy hat, and those sweet boots! This totally speaks character, this ones a keeper!

  2. Ha ha! Too cute!


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