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Monday, March 14, 2011

Anyone want to potty??


Cody wearing nothing but his bandana, sitting on his potty, enjoying... yes, a soda... I know, I know but  I want him full of fluid to get him going....

This week is SPRING BREAK and an opportunity to focus on some hard core potty training!!! Cody will be 3 in July and he must be potty trained to go into the three's class at school. The triplets were potty trained by three, but their birthday isn't until October so they were in the two's class so there wasn't any pressure.

Of course, I can't say I'm excited to have Cody potty trained. I'd send all my kids off to college in diapers if I could. I mean do I really want to have to drag another child to all the public restrooms throughout the city? Do I want to be in the middle of my dinner at the local restaurant and then have to drop everything and potty a child? I can change a diaper quicker than you can say "poopie", but have to hover for 30 minutes in a stinky public toilet trying to get a small child to finish up business.... I mean REALLY???


  1. Try water next time. It goes through quicker than soda! :) I'm not there yet, but having to do 2 potty training at one time, can NOT be easy. UGH! Good luck!

  2. Oh what fun times- I think the soda is a good idea for that particular circumstance. It will work. :)


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