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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Back Seat

The other day in the backseat of the car:

Kaylee:  "Ok, now you lick me"
Addison: "No"
Kaylee: "Ok, then bite me"
Addison:  "No"
Kaylee:  "Oh, come on, taste me... I took a bath"

A little later:

Kaylee:  "I'm eating your hair... (giggles)"
Addison:  "and I'm eating your hair... (giggles)"
In the rearview mirror I see the girls with each other's hair in their mouths

Jadon:  "MOM.. Mom... MOM...Mommy... Mom"
Me:  "What Jadon"
Jadon:  "A"
Me:  "What?"
Jadon:  "I said A"
Me:  "uh, ok"
Cody:  "MOM... Mommy...Mom...MOM"
Me:  "What Cody"
Cody:  "I sed Ayyyy"
Me:  "ok...."
????? Whatever ????



  1. Ha ha. Too funny!

  2. Okay- they are just gorgeous & don't you just LOVE the funny things they say & do?! I love that you mark it in time on the blog. I so wish blogging was around when my kids were younger.


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