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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday 52 - Week Ten "Childhood Toys"

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Yesterday in the car Kaylee found a missing puzzle piece which Jadon had lost. After loading up and driving a while, Jadon said, "Kayee (he drops the "L" in Kaylee) thank you for finding my missing puzzle piece." She responded, "Your welcome Jadon." He then said, "It makes me feel very proud of you Kayee that you found my puzzle piece."

He also told my Mom he was proud of her for buying him a new book... the kids don't fully understand the use of the word "proud", but I think it's so cute that it's part of their vocabulary.

This morning Addison said she was going to put her finger in my nose...????? Don't ask... I don't know.... Kaylee responded, "That is disgusting!!!"  Another word in the vocabulary.

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