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Sunday, March 6, 2011

No Time to Play....

I was totally going to post about toilet training, but we got lazy over the weekend and the potty training went on hold.  Oh well, spring break is coming up soon so I figure that will be a good time to really get serious and hard core about the whole thing.

The weekend?  BORING!!!  We typically spend the weekend trying to keep the kids entertained, but this weekend we focused on business.  Jerry has been looking into some new business ventures which required us to do some driving and we had some work to do around the house.  The kids... not so happy...  During the car ride all I heard was, "I want to go somewhere fun..."  over and over and over.  I think the kids are spoiled in that they totally outnumber us and happy kids make happy parents so we work probably too hard at keeping them entertained.  We discussed the fact that the kids need to learn to entertain themselves with a bit less parental involvement.  Yeah, this will be fun....

Back to the repetitive, "I want to go somewhere fun"...  has anyone else noticed that children repeat themselves over and over and over until they are acknowledged???  "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom...."  "Turn the movie on, turn the movie on, turn the movie on, turn the movie on..."  "I saw a tractor, I saw a tractor, I saw a tractor, I saw a tractor...I saw a tractor"...   What I love is when I get more than one doing this...  Cody saying, "Mom, mom, mom, mom,...." and Kaylee saying, "I dropped my doll, I dropped my doll, I dropped my doll, I dropped my doll..."  Not sure where kids learn this verbal technique... could it be from me????

             "No, no, no, no.... I said NO.... I SAID NO... DID YOU HEAR ME????  NOOOOO!!!!!"

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  1. I hear ya!
    and I feel the same too, mommy guilt is no fun! You got some fabulous photos here of little man! I love the yellow garage door! These are sweet!

  2. Haha, I get the same thing in the classroom... they will repeat my name forever if I let them! It drives me nuts!

  3. These photos are sooo adorable! Love the bright yellow.


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