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Saturday, March 26, 2011

At least she's sleeping...

The other afternoon when I got the kids up from their naps, I found Addison napping under the TV shelf in the playroom.   We separate the girls during naps to encourage quiet time and yes, there is a bed in the playroom (you can see it reflected behind the table in the TV).  We don't have to separate the boys since Cody falls asleep pretty quickly and Jadon just reads books.  The triplets don't always sleep, but they are allowed to play quietly and read books.  I think some quiet down time during the day is important for them and ME.

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  1. Ahh- we do quiet time, only it's after dinner. If they want to have a little time between dinner & bedtime- they must find something quiet to do. I think it helps them wind down & get ready for bed. LOVE it. When they were smaller- about your triplets age, we did do it also in the middle of the day. Now we are so slammed with school- there isn't any time. I really miss that time during the day to recharge.


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