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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Annual Picnic

Sunday was Jerry's annual company picnic which we've attended ever since the trips were one and I was pregnant.  I have to say, it's gotten easier.  The 1st year Jadon had a fit the entire time because he wanted to swim in the lake.  We had to pull them around in their Choo Choo Wagon cause it was the only way to keep them corralled (sp?).  It really is like herding ants sometimes.

This year the venue was different and it was hot, but there was a lot to do and a good time was had by all.  The BBQ was delicious, but of course the kids wouldn't eat it so I'm sorry to say they had a cookie lunch.  I forced nutrition into them at dinner, promise!!

There was a clown which Cody loved, but the triplets literally stared at her with blank faces like she was from Mars.  Despite all her effort she failed to get any smiles.  They were a tough crowd.  She later performed a magic show which elicited smiles and she finished with balloon animals... by that point she was everyone's best friend.

Cody was asleep in the car within minutes of leaving with Jadon following shortly behind.  The girls managed to stay awake, but crashed at bedtime.  It's a good day when you wear them out and put them to bed early.

Here are some pics (of course).  I have a few more to follow.
DSC_4289  DSC_4288 
DSC_4299  DSC_4345 

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  1. How fun! of course I love the firetruck :) but it all is so exciting for the kids!


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