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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photo Editing Frenzy

A while back I was taking on freelance photo editing jobs and had an ongoing editing job with GagaGaga Baby, but soon learned taking care of 4 little bodies allows little time for such a commitment, so I put it on the back burner.

Well, this week a super nice guy invited me to bid on a job correcting his wedding images.  They were grainy, less than sharp and in need of color correcting.  He wanted them retouched as an anniversary gift for his wife.  HOW sweet...  I wanted to help and as it turns out I was awarded the project...  so, I am currently buried in wedding photos, but don't want to ignore the blog... so here are some pics of the kids.

At home:
The pool is going in and I've been taking pictures to document the process.  I hope to post about this soon.

Best kid quote of the week:
Kaylee: "Addison, don't be ridiculous"



  1. Beautiful photos! Good luck on the editing. I found out how long it takes as well to edit with three little ones. NOt an easy chore!

  2. Your images are amazing as ever as usual! LOL. LOVE the edits! I love your style of editing too!

  3. If anyone can handle that job - it's you. In theory, I love editing but I'm not sure I could take on a job like that. Have fun!

  4. How exciting- both about the editing work & the pool. Can't wait to hear more about each as you have time.


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