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Monday, May 2, 2011

Do you like M&Ms???

Ok,  yes... we have picky eaters.  That is a known fact.  After all, Jadon is in "therapy" to improve his eating which I happy to report is going well.  Last week he actually ate two helpings of broccoli and he ate raw celery.... shocker.  But some of the things I deal with... Really??

Addison doesn't like bananas, only Jadon likes PB&J, Cody doesn't like green beans, Kaylee doesn't like corn, Addison doesn't like vienna sausage, only Jadon & Cody like raisons, only Cody likes mashed potatoes, Addison likes garlic bread, Jadon like crescent rolls, Addison like lunch meat... etc.

Ok, we all have things we like and don't like... but when it comes to dessert.  Are you kidding me???

Addison doesn't like Jelly Beans and Kaylee doesn't like M&Ms....  Seriously, WHO DOESN'T LIKE M&Ms???????





  1. Great pictures, as always! (Your pictures are always a breath of fresh air!)

    One of my best friends doesn't like Skittles. Despite that, she's still one of my best friends...but I can't pretend to understand. :)

  2. Hold the phone - who doesn't like M&Ms...your kids are cute, but that's crazy talk!


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