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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let There Be Art

And there was... All over the house

Beautiful masterpieces are created several times a day in our home. Jadon is into abstract art. Check out his piece entitled, "Mommy." If I look hard, I might catch a glimpse of myself. Perhaps he was trying to capture my many moods?? I asked him if it was happy Mommy, sad Mommy or mad Mommy and he said happy... whew.

Kaylee is more of an enhance with color kinda girl (she must take after her Mommy). Dora and Diego... a bit bland but with purple hair it just says WOW!! If I could only be so bold.  Also, note the addition of blue sky and a sun within her work (look close).

Addison wants to create her masterpieces from scratch. Just a plain white piece of paper and bugs atop purple flowers and green grass unfolds. She has also mastered the art of using text in her work... can you make out the words "Cody, Addison, Jadon, and Kaylee"?

Take a moment and soak in the wonderful colors and emotion in their work...

Here is "MOMMY" by Jadon and "Color Me Happy" by Kaylee
DSC_5358  DSC_5356 

And here are some samples of Addison's work (she LOVES to draw).  We have "Bugs", "Animals", and "Names."

DSC_5357  DSC_5334 

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