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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Recap

Saturday morning I enjoyed breakfast in bed. Each baby came in carrying 1/2 a donut and Daddy led the team with a glass of milk. Mother's Day at home was slipped up to Saturday because Sunday we had a super busy day celebrating Mother's Day with my Mom and Grandmother. Later Saturday afternoon I attended a Studio Lighting class which was a lot of fun. I attempted to capture a "high key" and "low key" photo of our beautiful model (below). I was gone about 4 hours then rushed home to spend the evening at the neighbors house grilling out and letting the kids bounce on their new trampoline.

After a while Cody came over to greet me and I noticed his eye looked swollen....

Me:  "Jerry, does his eye look swollen"?
Jerry:  "Oh, you noticed..."

Upon closer inspection his eye was swollen and black (the black was initially hidden under mounds of blue sidewalk chalk.  The kids had colored their faces blue and looked like they walked off the set of Braveheart).  He apparently took a spill on some playground equipment earlier in the day...

Sunday, we got the kids ready for Church (they each had a Mother's Day card for me), picked up my folks and headed to my grandmothers Church to celebrate with her.  We finished up with a fantastic lunch and then it was back to work for me...  Another's Mother's Day gone....

DSC_5415a  DSC_5366 

Here are the shots from my Studio Lighting class:

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