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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fix It Friday #99

I've never participated in I Heart Faces Fix It Friday given my blog is to chronicle our family's life and isn't a photography blog.  But, most of my follows are fellow photography lovers and I really loved this shot... so I thought I'd jump in and share an edit....

1.  In adobe raw, I increased the exposure and brightness and corrected the color
2.  In Photoshop, I softened skin using Coffeeshop Powderoom 2 and adjusted to taste.
3.  I added a Soft Light layer and masked off skin at 70% and masked off areas where black details were lost.
4.  Brightened eyes with a curves layer.
5.  Removed color cast from lollypop using MCP Reflective Color Cast Vanisher from Bag of Tricks
6.  Brushed on a little rosy glow to cheeks
7.  Increased red and blue color saturation and masked off the skin...
8.  A touch of sharpening...



  1. HI! I love what you did with the eyes! can you tell me how to do it? i use photoshop elements!

  2. LOVE your edit! Very clean and the colors are perfect!

  3. Love the edit, those eyes are perfect!

  4. Very nice edit. You have some real talent editing photos.

  5. Impressive . . . incredible edit! You're really talented!


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