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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Have You Ever Noticed???

Just a thought... I mean have you ever noticed how the Mommy is often missing from Disney movies?

Snow White: Evil stepmom
Cinderella: Yep, bad stepmom
Jasmine: Where is Mom?
Ariel: Um, Mom?
Belle: Once again... Mom is MIA.
Pocahontas: Um yea, no Mom
Bambi: Mom gets shot

But... can't say Disney is totally anti-mom...
Dumbo: Where's Dad
Lion King: Bad uncle takes out Dad

And they seem to be coming around...
Tangled: We get a big happy family in the end....

Regardless of the oddly missing mothers in the Disney flix... we still LOVE Disney!!!!  In fact, we took the kids to see RIO Sunday night.  The triplets seemed to enjoy it, but it was a bit too complicated for Cody.  We are now looking forward to Cars 2.


Sweet Shot Day


  1. Hmm, I never really thought of that. Our family is looking forward to Cars 2 as well.
    Beatiful shots...look at those long eye lashes!

  2. You make a very good point - maybe they're trying to embrace diversity. I mean, heaven forbid that they display what used to be a typical American family.

  3. Now...you really brought that home. Never thought about it.

    And your daughter is just GORGEOUS. I love coming over here to see your children.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. These are sweet. Ha ha. Too funny about the mom. Never thought of that.


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