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Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Stuff

I think we are on the road to recovery... as I mentioned in a previous post we've had sick kids (all but Jadon).  Well, they overcame their illness, but we soon discovered all the congestion induced ear infections.  Unfortunately, each child complained about their ears on different days.  I took Cody to the clinic 1st, but he was sent home with just fluid in his ears... no infection.  A couple days later, he went back with an infection.  Two days later, Kaylee visits the clinic with a double ear infection and then finally yesterday, Addison went to the clinic.  Her infection is so severe we have to watch for blood.  Her eardrum is close to perforating, but I don't think that will happen.  She apparently has a pretty high pain threshold given she didn't complain about her ear until Saturday night.

The pool is progressing slowly and just when I think all is going well, new problems pop up... we will survive, but I'm ready to be done.  I'll post more pictures of the progress soon.  We did let the kids in the  (empty) pool one at a time yesterday and I took a few pictures (below).

Sorry if this is full of typos... I'm just too tired today to care....



  1. I hope they all feel better soon! I'm jealous of your pool - although around here, it wouldn't get much use due to the chilly weather.

  2. Great pictures as always!
    Hope everyone is on the mend and better soon!


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