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Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Get Your Zen On

Sometimes you just need a zen moment.  A moment to step back, take a deep breath and hhhhuuuummmmm.... (Like when blogger starts deleting posts... still hoping they restore my last post).  But I'm more specifically talking about when your two year runs up with no pants on and says "his pants are wet" meaning he tee tee'd in them and wants new ones.  As he walks away and you see brown smears on his cute little bottom, you quickly realize... his pants are more than wet.  Of course, he doesn't have pants in hand and you don't know where the missing pants with the pile might be???

First priority is to clean the little cute bottom before the cute little two year old decides to sit down somewhere or perhaps scratch his bum.  While you are doing this you are hoping the three 4 year olds don't find the missing pants...  you can't stand it and yell to them, "IF YOU FIND CODY'S DIRTY PANTS DON'T TOUCH THEM" but in the back of your mind you know telling them this will only intrigue their interest and deepen their desire to touch....

Fortunately, when missing diaper was found, it's contents were all well contained.  Once cute little bottom was once again clean and covered and missing pants were tucked into the trash, I felt the need for a zen moment.  A need to sit down... take a few deep breaths... to relax for just a moment...

The need was there, but unfortunately not the time....  I immediately started hustling 4 wandering little bodies to their shoes and to the car for school.

Addison found time to get her zen on...

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