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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Changing Your Perspective

When Cody was born, I had three 21 month year old babies and that's when it hit me... I can't do it all and I need a break.  That is when I began exploring pre-school for the triplets.  A few months later they began attending pre-school two mornings a week and at first I felt guilty.  I'm suppose to be the stay-at-home mom that does it all.  I didn't think mom's were suppose to NEED a break from their kids.  I felt GUILTY.

I later realized that I wasn't the only one benefiting from the break.  Yes, I could grocery shop, go to doctor appointments, run errands... but the triplets LOVED school and they soon began to amaze me with their newly gained knowledge... months, days of the week, octagons and numerous songs....

As Cody got older, I felt guilty that he wasn't going to school, so when he was almost 2 years old I signed him up and he is THRIVING!!!

So, since the triplets were almost two, I've had two mornings off a week to get things done....  BUT....  I've realized two mornings is no longer enough...  When school registration came around this year I signed the kids up for our standard Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this week I talked to the school and they can still make room for the kids in the Monday, Wednesday and Friday class....

So I made the move to 3 days a week!!!!  Feeling a twinge of frustration that I need more time, but more I'm feeling a sense of relief.  It's virtually impossible to get anything done when you have to push TWO carts to get through a store and they are both filled with kids.  I continue to struggle with our long term educational decisions... but for now... I know this is right....



  1. I know the guilt feeling but mine is b/c I work FT. I don't really have a choice right now but it doesn't help with that guilt. I think all moms have it to some degree. IMO preschool is great for little ones. I cannot believe all that they are learning.

    I have to comment on that picture - is she sitting on a mantel? I love it!!

  2. I wonder if I'll feel guilty...hmmm. Love that cute picture!

  3. I hear your heart, and totally understand. DO not feel guilty at all, you said yourself your not the only one benefiting from this. They love it too, and I'm sure you are a better mom when you get a chance to have a break and refuel.

    Now, is that your mantel! Good golly is that ever Huge, and Beautiful!

  4. Adorable capture- sure makes her look so tiny :)


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