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Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Getting Hot 'Round Here

Whew, the weekend is over and I think this photo tells it all... we are tired. We spent a lot of time outside and little time napping. We had plans to get with friends, but our schedule took over our lives and derailed our plans yet again. We did make a monumental decision... I think we are putting a swimming pool and outdoor living space in the backyard. Scary crazy, but I think a good decision given it's soooo hot here. We look forward to splitting time between our backyard and my parents given they already have the ultimate set-up.  I think we spent the entire summer in their pool last year.  When it's hotter than hot, that's all you can do with 4 munchkins.  We hope to finalize plans this week and get the project going soon.

Soon to come are some pictures from the park. I try not to force all the kids to sit still together for pics, but I did force this one and you can see their excitement all over their little faces.

Oh, our weekend also included a picnic outside... I forgot I took a picture of it.


  1. So cute Tracy! I love that one of them looking bored :)

  2. Aww. So cute. Love that first photo.

  3. 4 kids in the same shot - go you! And you make it look so easy! Absolutely FANTASTIC! ♥


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