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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Parties

Well, Easter has come and gone for another year and it was a busy week. The kids started out with an Easter egg hunt and party at school. I was able to get a shot of the entire class before they went crazy chasing eggs (I took a LOT editing liberties with the colors just to play). I'm always in sheer amazement at how these little bodies can manage to find 144 eggs... I mean REALLY? I think the entire hunt was complete in 2 minutes flat.

On Saturday, our neighborhood had an egg hunt. We ran into a little girl from the kids class at school (beautiful little red head). My husband is red... how did I not get a little red head??? Oh well, she is just adorable. We also ran into our new and WONDERFUL neighbors from across the street. They have two HANDSOME little boys and sadly enough, me a mom of multiples, cannot tell them apart and NO... they are not twins (photo below is a tight crop from a group shot and a little grainy but soooo cute). We managed to line them all up for a group photo under a tree with some hard light coming through the trees (not ideal, but we still got a pretty cute shot). Kaylee looks a little sad. She was crying cause she had a piece of candy in her mouth, looked down while talking and it fell out.

We had a pool party at my parents house on Saturday and Sunday after Church. Let me tell ya', we sure do clean up nicely for Church. The kids looked ADORABLE. I didn't get a picture, but my Dad took one. I'll post it soon I'm sure. The pool parties were SOOOO FUN and the food FANTASTIC (THANKS MOM)!!! We also celebrated my Mom's birthday a few days early.

Addison is the only child able to swim without floaties right now and she was all over the pool. Her quote of the day, "I'M BURNIN' BABY, I'M BURNIN'." She picked it up from Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaur when the deer which out runs Diego says, "I'm Burnin' Baby, my hoofs are burning."





  1. WOW!!! I can't tell those boys apart either? How close are they in age?

  2. WOW- for not being twins, they sure look so similar. I couldn't tell them apart either.


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