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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goodbye Oven... Hello...


Yes, I recently discovered that the dust covered wedding gift from 6 years ago is probably one of the best undiscovered secrets hiding within the back recesses of my kitchen cabinets.

Thus far I have made:
Easy Crock Pot Lasagna
Italian Chicken
Sausage Stew
and tonight a Roast...

Yes!!!  Me!!!  I made a Roast Dinner with carrots, potatoes and onions!!  Yes, very Martha Stewart of me I must admit and I have even managed to shock myself.  My husband said I have finally after 6 years fulfilled one of my wifely obligations.  I have in fact handled and cooked a big honkin' slab of raw meat and managed to turn it into a feast for even the pickiest of pallets.

Well,  maybe not the pickiest since I got a "yucky" from Cody.  "I'm never going to eat this," from Kaylee.  Blank stares from Jadon without one bite taken and "I don't like this foooooddddd (whining)" from Addison.  Although Addison did eat some of the meat.

But despite all the rave reviews from spouse and hard core critique from the kids.  I'm chalking this up to a huge success!!!

I must admit I'm feeling sorry for the oven.  It just hasn't gotten much use lately, but if I have the choice of making dinner in the morning when I'm fresh and rested or at night exhausted after "chasing" kids all day.  I choose morning!!!



  1. Um...do you feel like adopting a 5th child. I'm available.

  2. My crock pot is my best friend. You can take the same roast and dump bbq sauce in the crock pot with it and when it comes out, it's like bbq brisket. We eat it on hamburger buns. Easy, easy. And soups! I make most of my soups in there and let them simmer all day. Good stuff!


  3. I love my crock pot! I put a roast in there with bbq sauce and it comes out like bbq brisket. So, so easy! And I make beans and most of my soups in there. Good stuff!


  4. I might have mistakenly commented twice. Not sure...You can certainly delete one. :-)

  5. Oh boy Tracy! I totally hear you on that feeling of accomplishing something like that- Great job!

  6. I do enjoy Crock Pot Lasagna and we have it often. What an amazingly beautiful photo.

  7. Love the crock pot especially on really busy nights! Your family and pictures are beautiful...I am so glad you left a note:) I look forward to visiting again.


    We are a Catholic Family too!

  8. Gorgeous eyes!
    I use my crock pot at least once a week - it's GREAT! My good friend surprised me with a birthday lunch this week and she'd made crock pot BANANAS FOSTER for dessert. I was impressed and can't wait to try it out myself!

  9. Oh man let me tell you about the joy of my cockpot! that thing saves me everyday too!


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