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Monday, April 11, 2011

No, It Wasn't Pretty

We had a super busy weekend which I've been wanting to blog about (including as I mentioned earlier our wedding anniversary), but I need to do some photo editing to include in the post... so instead how about we talk 'puke'...'throw up'...'vomit'...'projectile redecorating'... whatever you want to call it.... last night we lived it.

Don't know what was up... all was fine... the day was over and we were all in bed.  Then, about 10:30 (I was about to insert much needed earplugs.  Yes, husband of SIX years snores) I heard it.  I knew the sound, but thought I was crazy.  The sound was follow-up by crying.  I headed upstairs and found Cody looking confused and barely whimpering in a pool of... ok, I won't say it again, but you get the idea.  I yelled down to Jerry.  He continued to snore.  I yelled again... no response.  I think I may need to rethink this earplug idea because despite all my yelling for help... he continued to sleep.  I went downstairs and woke him and he leaped into action.

He stripped Cody down and put him in a bath while I cleaned up the bedding.  Before long, Cody was back in clean PJs and tucked back in bed.  I have to say he was soooo adorable.  He didn't feel good so he was soooo still and cuddly.  I hated to leave him.  I stroked his hair until he could barely keep his eyes open then left him to sleep.

He was up sick again at 2:30, but it was far less dramatic and Jerry let me sleep through it.

Today????  He's fine!!  Totally fine!!  Happy, Eating, Smiling....  Fine???


Kaylee crying after her balloon popped (from the weekend)


  1. Oh my goodness. I'm sorry he was sick but at least he was fine the next day. We've had that happen too. So odd.

  2. Well I'm sorry Cody was sick but aren't sick babies so cute!

  3. I have to give a GIANTIC shout-out to your awesome husband for helping! Mine is the exact same way; he's a saint! Collin actually projectile redecorated the wall of our Disney resort hotel one night when we were in FL, and Doron handled everything. I'm totally worthless around throw-up. I just start throwing stuff away - LOL! (Seriously). SOOOO glad he's feeling better! Isn't it just such a relief when it's all over? YAY!

  4. Oh boy- been there. It's never fun. I agree with Karli- my hubs never helps me. usually just stands there & watches as I do it all- if he even gets out of bed at all. Glad to hear he is feeling good today- it's weird like that sometimes. Just random & then they are good. Beautiful shots of Kaylee!


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