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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boys will be boys...

What do you get when you cross a ballerina, a fairy, and a pirate?

Cody with a tu-tu, wings, and an eye patch...

Conversation with Jadon today after going potty...  (WARNING:  Maybe a little TMI for some readers, but I'll enjoy reading it when they are twenty)

Jadon: "My poopie looks like a fish.  No, it doesn't have a tail.  Maybe an alligator... no alligators are green.  It's not green.  Maybe it looks like a shark, but no sharks are blue...  hhhhmmm, try again...."

Me:  "Pull up your pants and don't forget to flush.  Love you."


  1. I seriously think your kids were destined to be my kids - I hope my kids have at least half the personality that your kids have! I love it!

  2. No worries- I think we all have had those conversations. It's the unglamorous part of motherhood :) It's funny to look back on it later when they are older.

  3. OK, this is HYSTERICAL! LOVE your son in the tutu - hey, at least it's blue... and yes, my middle one describes pooies by shape too. And then he'll clarify, yeah, it was a "spiny" one. (Ouch!)

    OK, now THAT was TMI. ;-)

  4. That first picture is too much! I love all your blog posts and pictures. Cher told me you guys were over to celebrate her 40th. Sounds like the kids were playing and the adults got to visit. Sorry we missed ya'll! xo

  5. I just started laughing out loud at the ballerina / fairy / pirate photo. That is awesome and the expression on his face is perfect.

  6. That's too funny!
    Oh the joys of motherhood!

  7. Love the outfit ~ he is ahead of his times!


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