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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alert the Media!! We Have A Winner!

I have successfully prepared TWO great dinners.  The 1st had a minor glitch, but I recovered with ease and the second I pulled off like a pro.  What did I prepare you might ask???

The 1st meal was cabbage rolls (my Mom's recipe) - the glitch? The rice was baked with the rolls rather than in the rolls, but delicious none the less and it even made it more kid friendly (if they didn't like the beef and cabbage, they could just eat the rice and sauce).

The 2nd fab meal was spaghetti pie (once again my fab mother's recipe)....  Delicioso Yum Yum Yum Yum (for all you Dora the Explorer lovers out there).

My Mom gave me this sign years ago....  Ha!!!  I'll be a spatula slinging gourmet before you know it!!!


  1. If your mother allows do share the spaghetti pie. Sounds good!

  2. Go, You!!! So glad you have had a couple of great successes! :) :)


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