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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Requirements in Car Safety

If it isn't hard enough getting 4 little ones into their car seats and buckled when all they really want to do is pull on Mom's seatbelt to see how far it will stretch or try to explore the forbidden area at the front of the car, I now am required to buckle in Jessie (or any other toy riding with us) to make sure they don't fall out of the car should we crash...

I must give credit to Addison for the new rule and I'm glad she is taking her car safety seriously, but 5... Really? Do I now have to buckle in FIVE????

Jessie (yes, the doll) looks pretty happy though.... (it's hard to see, but Jessie is wearing a seatbelt - she's a bit short for the shoulder belt.  Should I get her a car seat??)


  1. Wow- when the kids were little I was a certified car seat inspector & I take car seats pretty seriously. But wow- things have changed. I only have 1 kid in a booster now- but what is one to do if all the buckles are taken up with humans? & really what agency has the time or resources to enforce this?? WOW

  2. Great photo. I love the light on Jessie. Glad to hear that she's safe in your car! :)

  3. Wow I love this shot! Jessie does, indeed, look very happy.

  4. The light in that shot is perfect!

  5. What a fun photo! Great capture!

  6. what a beautiful photo. Lucky Jesse, so cared for :) Found you at YouCapture


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