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Friday, January 28, 2011

A bit on Jadon

The golden child of the day, Jadon. Yes, I have to complain just a little bit it's been a really rough day. I've had record-breaking meltdowns from Cody, I've had a little sassy attitude from Kaylee, and I've had tears from Addison in her efforts to protect her toys from the others. All in all, I'm exhausted. If you read over the last sentence, I'm sure you'll notice Jadon's name is not mentioned.

A little bit about Jadon: he is still my most sensitive child and hates to be in trouble. As a result, he is usually in the least amount of trouble. Jadon is also my most affectionate telling me numerous times a day, “I love you mommy.” However, I have to say Kaylee rivals him on the affectionate quotient, but she doesn't mind being in trouble and has a little sass in her britches. Jadon is funny he has an obsession with looking at the back of books to see what other books are available, then he lets me know we need to get those books. Now, he's currently obsessed with the empty DVD cases. He studies the back of them and lets me know what other DVDs we need to purchase.

At bedtime the other night, I asked Jadon for a good night kiss. He informed me that he was all out of kisses, so I gave him a very sad pouty face and then he told me, “the kissing man just gave me some more kisses and you can have one.” He delivered a kiss as promised. When I asked for another kiss he said, “why don't we save it for tomorrow.”

Academically, Jadon is in the lead. I've been trying to teach the kids how to read at home and Jadon is blowing my mind with how quickly he picks things up. He was the first to learn his alphabet at a very young age utilizing a book with the ABCs and pictures. The other night I was teaching the kids the phrases “I see” and “I like.” The girls were being silly and guessing not paying enough attention to get it right. Jadon on the other hand was just acting silly. I honestly didn't think he was paying me any attention, so when he asked to play another game I told him not until you can tell me with these phrases say. I held up the phrases and he said “I see” followed up by “I like.” He knew exactly how to read those phrases and I honestly think it took him 2 seconds to learn it. He was acting silly because he was bored. I've since made things more complicated, but he loves learning. I think he will be my most academic and least artistic because coloring and art are not his things. When a school project is sent home I can always tell which project was Jadon's. In fact, I can tell which are project belongs to each child. Kaylee has the most embellished projects, followed by Addison, followed by Jadon's minimalistic approach.

When Jadon is in trouble and trying to get out of trouble, he likes to tell me “I love it when you smile mommy” and then he gives me a huge goofy smile which I have to say usually gets him out of trouble.

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  1. You don't have to feel like you need or have to respond, I just wanted to tell you that your children are gorgeous. I love reading your blog, but your pictures are amazing. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


  2. These are so precious. I love the name Jadon. So cute.


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