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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday 52 - Week Two Illustrate a song

MCP 2/52 "Beautiful Dreamer"
f/2.8, 1/250, ISO320. Sharpened in post processing with unsharp mask and high pass filters and of course used MCP's Eye Doctor (a favorite of mine by far).  I also reduced the saturation and added a light vignette.  Adjusted the curves to brighten the midtones and bring out Kaylee's skin.  Finally, I added a gradient map with a yellowy cream tone in Overlay 70%.


This week the theme is "Illustrate A Song."  I took this picture this week and thought Kaylee looked so sweet looking off, so I then chose the song Beautiful Dreamer written by Stephen Foster.


  1. So sweet. Love this photo!

  2. Gorgeous lashes, gorgeous photo.

  3. I love how flawless her skin looks. So pretty!

  4. So perfect! Love the light and color. The composition is beautiful and the lashes....stunning!

    Erika B

  5. Wow this picture is absolutely stunning! I loove it!

    I just wanted to stop by from Trendy Treehouse! I do fun photography tutorials over at my blog and have a Saturday linky where you can post your images! I am a new follower :) Come by and visit sometime. I love meeting other photographers.



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