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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tea Time Rewards

My Dad got a carseat for Christmas so he could take one child at a time on a special day with PawPaw every now and then.  Jadon was the 1st to go a couple weeks ago and he had a BLAST!!!  He talked about it often and how it was boys only.

Yesterday, my Dad decided to take one of the girls and both girls have been wanting to go... how to decide???  I was going to have them pick a hand behind my back (one hand empty and one with a prize) and explained only one of them was going to get to go and the other would go next time.  You could see Kaylee REALLY wanted to go....  Addison jumped in sweetly and said, "I have an idea.  Why don't you let Kaylee go this time and I'll go next time."  What???  Are you sure???  She was sure and no tears were shed as Kaylee drove off in PawPaw's car.

To reward Addison's sweet gesture, she got additional teapot items to go with the teapot Grandma Barb got them for Christmas which has been a favorite gift.  This has alleviated some of the fighting and now they all have cups and saucers.



  1. Oh..so fun! That one on one time is so important. I love the collage! Do you use a template? Seriously, I'm still figuring all of that out!

  2. What a sweet girl! You just never know. . . tomorrow, something that doesn't matter will throw everyone into tears.


    Love the pictures!!

  3. I cannot figure out for the life of me, how every shot you take (no matter how candid) looks like you're in a studio! WOW! :-) No matter what room, backs to the window...in the tub!! All have perfect lighting. You are so talented!

  4. I agree with Karli, the lighting is always great!! That was so sweet of her.


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