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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Day Play

New Years Day...

My parents offered to babysit, but not for dinner and not for a special event.  No they offered to babysit from noon until whenever to allow us to do whatever we wanted.  I honestly can't remember over the last 4 years being able to just go and do anything with Jerry.  We have gotten away for dinners, parties, or other commitments, but just free to shop, lunch, play.  Can I just say it was AWESOME!!!!

We went to lunch (a light lunch since we knew we would be out for dinner), then we hit several furniture stores trying to find a couple items for the house.  We drove to the square and got Jerry a pair of sunglasses (he recently had lasik) before heading off to a sports bar to let him watch some football and we just talked.  At dinner time we walked to a nearby restaurant and had a lovely dinner with the huge square Christmas tree outside the window.  When we left dinner we noticed they had the horse drawn carriage ride going, so we took a ride around the square before heading home.  It was LOVELY and wonderful spending time one on one with my husband.  THANKs MOM & DAD!!

Here is Kaylee sporting her NEW beloved pillow pet and fairy wings.



  1. What a sweet shot of your daughter - I LOVE chocolate brown eyes. We are a house full of them!!!


  2. What a cutie - those eyes get me every time.

  3. Lovely photo, and a lovely time with your husband, too. I remember how much fun (and how precious) that alone, free to do anything you like, time could be!


  4. She is so pretty! I love her eyes. My niece got that pillow pet for Christmas.

  5. What a wonderful gift your parents gave you.

    My daughter got the same pillow pet for Christmas and she loves it!

    Those brown eyes...gorgeous!

  6. How wonderful that you got to spend the afternoon together like that! I'm jealous.

  7. What a beautiful shot! Love the fairy wings!

  8. She looks like as though she feels beautiful in those photos. So sweet!

  9. I have the same pillow pet! They're really durable and I've taken mine on every trip I've had since I recieved it! (Even to Contest with my band) I hope it lasts for a long time because I love it so! Did she name hers? Mine is simply named "Unicorn" or "Purple Unicorn" :)


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