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Monday, January 10, 2011

Jerry's 47

This weekend we celebrated Jerry's birthday with a trip to his favorite restaurant, cake, and a few presents. For the most part it was pretty low key and much to my surprise, the kids kept his gift a secret.  The highlight of the birthday however was Addison's dive or fall into the cake.  Yes, shortly after we sang Happy Birthday and the candles were blown out Jadon while vying for position next to the cake pushed Addison and she landed head 1st onto the cake.  I did manage to hold onto the cake thus saving it from landing on my parents beautiful carpet, but Addison was a mess and I pulled a few strands of hair  out of the cake prior to serving.  Ahhh, never a dull moment.  I haven't looked at the birthday pics yet (my parents took them, I didn't have my camera), but hope there are some of her to post...

Later that evening, the girls decided to fix my hair and worked for at least an hour brushing, adding rubber bands and bows.  They then insisted we take a picture which is below, but the photo didn't do the new style justice so I cropped most of it in order to include all the kids (I love Addison's expression).  Needless to say, when they went to bed...  I tried to remove all the bows and rubber bands... YIKES!!  I honestly thought some of it would have to be cut out..., but fortunately it was all removed with minimal loss of hair.


  1. You are a very brave woman!! I use to play with my mom's hair/ aunt's hair...all the time! I can't stand having my hair brushed by other people..hence..I don't think S-girl will ever be doing my hair unless she becomes a beautician!! he he

    Great photos!

  2. Gosh these are soooo great! I always love the clarity of your photos. Please share you secret.


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