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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rub A Dub Dub... 4 Babes in a tub

Friday morning, we washed Cody's "doggie" and gave it to him before his nap... that was the last I saw it the rest of the day.  Before bed, we looked and looked, but finally had to give up.  Cody woke several times throughout the evening and once during the night due to the missing doggie, so I was determined to find it on Saturday.  We spent the day at the boat show, so when we returned, the hunt began.  

A big surprise was promised if the doggie was found.  After much searching, Kaylee found doggie hiding in a drawer (a drawer Jerry and I both had checked several times, but it was pushed back far enough that we missed it).

Oh no, now we need a surprise.  I had purchased Pochahontis and put it back for a special occasion.  Now seemed the time.  We pulled out ice cream sandwiches, let the kids bathe in Mommy & Daddy's tub, and then we all curled up for a movie.  

That night, Cody slept without a noise... he had doggie back...


  1. Great photos! Wish we had a tub like that!

  2. Wow, I know that feeling well. If we don't have "little baby, lovey, white blanket and red blanket" then we are in for a crisis. There are 14 other friends in her bed and we own 23 blankets, but ONLY those will do for nap or bedtime. Next time I see those at the store I'm buying 5 of them! LOL

  3. OK, these are perfect examples of what I emailed you about! ♥ A portrait studio in the tub - seriously. I'm amazed. It's funny, we use the same tools (speedlite, actions, etc)...but my edits look nothing like yours. Guess I'll keep practicing. :-) Gorgeous pictures & thanks for motivating me to keep trying!

  4. Gorgeous photos. The colors & clarity are stunning.


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