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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Few Goings On

Well it seems like we have quite a few things going on here. 

First, Cody has gotten sick. He has had a cough for the last few days, but it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that it started to disturb his sleep. Yesterday afternoon, after sleeping about 30 to 45 min. he woke up crying. Unfortunately, I was unable to get him back down. So, I took him downstairs and he got in bed with me and we rested. During the night last night, he woke up several times coughing and with a slight fever. We gave him some Tylenol and he did okay the rest of the night. Unfortunately, this morning he was not able to go to school.

As I mentioned in an earlier post,  Jadon is not a very good eater. I took him to a therapy evaluation a couple weeks ago, the therapist decided it was not a muscle tone issue but an aversion to certain textures and a very strong will. So now, every Monday morning we go to therapy. Ms. Caroline, is working with Jadon trying to get him to try new foods. We are starting out with carrots and I'm so happy to say that he is eating them for Ms. Caroline. But, for some reason he's just not as willing to eat them for me. I guess that's to be expected, but he's not getting away with as much at the dinner table anymore. I'll keep you updated as to how this goes, but I'm hoping it goes very well given Jerry is pretty reluctant to the whole process.   He is convinced that I'm wasting my time, but I guess only time will tell and I'm looking for any help I can get.

 Finally, I got the itch to photograph things other than reluctant children. So, I forced Jerry in front of the camera the other day. I have to say it was nice to have somebody holding still in front of the camera, but I was unable to elicit a smile... It was more of a "Plleaase get me outta here look."  Even though he was reluctant, and even though he refused to smile,  I think it still made for a nice picture.  (Did I mention, I love this guy??... With all my heart).


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